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Friday, September 13, 2013


Teams , Partnerships, and Alliances

- organizations create and use teams, partnerships, and alliances to:

·                     undertake new initiatives
·                     address both minor and major problems
·                     capitalize on significant opportunities

-organizations create teams, partnerships and alliances both internally with employees and externally with other organizations.

-collaboration system is to support the work of teams by facilitating the sharing and flow of information.

-core competency is an organization's key strength, a business function that it does better than any of its competitors.

-core competency strategy is organization chooses to focus specifically on its core competency and forms partnerships with other organizations to handle nonstrategic business processes.

-information partnerships occurs when two or more organizations cooperate by integrating their IT systems, thereby providing customers with the best of what each can offer.

Collaboration Systems

- an IT-based set of tools that supports the work of teams by facilitating the sharing and flow of information.
- unstructured collaboration (information collaboration)
-structured collaboration (process collaboration)

Explicit and Tacit Knowledge
-explicit consists of anything that can be documented, archived, and codified, often with the help of IT.
-tacit is knowledge contained in people's head.

Content Management
- provides tools to manage the creation, storage, editing, and publication of information in a collaborative environment.

Working Wikis
-wikis is web-based tools to make it easy for users to add, remove and change online.

Workflow Management Systems
-workflow defines all the steps or business rules, from beginning to end, required for a business process.
-workflow management system is facilitates the automation and management of business processes and controls the movement of work through the business process.

Groupware Systems 

-groupware is software that supports team interaction and dynamics including calendaring, scheduling and videoconferencing

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